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The two-week trial gives you access to the Manus Prime X series, for the cost of the textile gloves. After your trial period, you can either keep or return the gloves. Should you decide to keep the gloves, the cost for the trial will become a discount on your purchase.

Full Access to Manus Core

During your two week trial period you will have full access to Manus Core: our data-handling software with a built-in IK-solver and FBX recorder.
All plugins for third-party software are freely available throughout your trial period.

Prime X Marker Mocap

Try the best solution for finger tracking. The Prime X Marker Mocap gloves are specially developed for motion capture. Allowing you to quickly stream precise hand and finger data directly into any desired software.

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Prime X Haptic VR

Go for complete immersion. Experience physical touch in any virtual environment.  Hold digital objects, feel textures, push a button, and pull levers.  Feel the most delicate vibrations across hands and fingers with the Prime X Haptic VR.

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Xsens Gloves

Xsens Gloves By Manus

Expand your Xsens suit with the Xsens Gloves by Manus.  Add finger data directly into Xsens MVN and its plugins. With direct integration into MVN Animate, the gloves quickly deliver real-time finger data into your existing pipeline.

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