Prime II Xsens

Add finger data directly to Xsens MVN and its plugins with the Manus Prime II Xsens gloves.

The push for perfect realism in 3D character animations seen in the dynamic worlds of games, film, animation, TV broadcast, and live entertainment means hardware and software remain top of its game and at the fingertips for all production teams. The Prime II Xsens gloves has been specifically developed to work seamlessly with Xsens MVN Animate, the 3D character animation software used by industry professionals over the world. The gloves are immune to magnetic interference.

The Prime II Xsens gloves come with 12 months of hardware warranty and lifetime support.

Finger tracking in MVN with one click

With direct integration into MVN Animate, the gloves quickly deliver technicians and artists complex and fine movements found in hand and finger gestures to create complete and believable 3D characters. The creative industries including motion analysis, industrial control and stabilization sectors already rely on the combination of Manus Prime II Xsens gloves, Xsens suits and MVN Animate to breathe life into their projects. Join them today.

Precise Finger tracking

Merging robustness with precision, the Prime II Xsens gloves incorporate industrial grade flex sensors fused with high-performance inertial measurement units, raising the bar in high fidelity finger tracking. The flex sensors measure 2 joints per finger, enhanced with 11DOF tracking of individual fingers by the IMU’s to ensure fine finger movements. IMU drift is prevented with newly implemented automatic filters, enhanced with reference points of the robust flex sensors. This enables detailed finger spreading measurement without losing continuous quality during a live performance capture.

Interchangeable Battery

All next-generation Manus Gloves come equipped with interchangeable batteries, with massive upgraded battery life powering 5 hours of continuous uninterrupted motion capture time. Choose to charge the battery during use, or charge individually. Gloves instantly reconnect after swapping the battery, eliminating recalibration downtime.

Washable gloves

With many hours of use, it’s essential to keep gloves in top shape and ready to go for your next session. We’ve made Prime II Xsens gloves washable by easy removal of sensors from the glove textile. Additional glove textiles can be acquired separately so all team members have their own personal set, simply swap the sensors from one textile to another to use the same hardware ensuring responsible hygienic use.

Calibrate in 45 Seconds

A 45-second turnaround is all it takes to get moving. With three simple gestures, the Manus Prime II Xsens gloves take a quick and accurate calibration tailored to the users' hands. Capturing larger groups is equally streamlined, Prime II Xsens supports simultaneous multi-user calibration resulting in smoother team sessions and maximized time, making the Prime II Xsens gloves an easy, time-efficient choice.


Easy integration of the Manus Gloves is one of our top priorities. By enabling direct integration into Xsens MVN software we have made the finger data compatible with all major 3D software packages.

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