MANUS Use Cases

We value our users and are proud of their achievements. That's why we share these amazing projects.

Hopefully, you will find inspiration in their work for your own project.

Wave: T-Pain School Of Business

The Manus Prime Xsens gloves were featured during an episode of T-Pain School of Business. In this episode T-Pain gives a virtual concert wearing an Xsens suit together with the Prime Xsens gloves to animate his album mascot in real-time.

Bluedrop: High-End Virtual Procedural Training

Bluedrop Training & Simulation’s Rescue Hoist Training System is a fully immersive virtual training device That utilizes MANUS Prime for mission-specific external load hoisting operations.

Škoda: The Ultimate Driving Experience

The process of designing a new product can be difficult and long. When the product is finally finished, you want to present it to the public in the right way. For the introduction of the Škoda Vision E, a brand new concept car, an immersive VR…

Royal Netherlands Army: Multiplayer Operator Training

The Royal Netherlands Army uses VR for different kinds of training. Using the multiplayer platform of our partner VREE in combination with the Manus VR Gloves, military personnel can be easily trained in a virtual environment.

Group XXII: Creating A Multiplayer, Mixed Reality Escape Room

Gaming in VR is fun, but do you know what’s even more fun? Gaming in VR with your friends. Group XXII, a French creation studio developed a collaborative VR simulation with the Manus VR Gloves.